When and Where the Machine Should Rule

How Leading U.S. Healthcare, Financial Services and Transportation Companies are Getting Ahead with AI-infused Products

About the Study

In early 2024, Sparq conducted a survey of senior leaders from 310 companies in the U.S. to deeply understand their use of and plans for AI-infused products and services.  Some of the study demographics are shown.

This page summarizes some of the key findings of the study.

For more details read our CEO’s introductory blog post about the study.

Shifting Right

From informing to acting: today’s information systems are increasingly taking control.

And as AI-infused systems become more capable (moving from left to right), they require vast amounts of clean and accessible data.

AI Is Much More Prevalent Than Many Might Think

of applications software implemented from 2020- 2023 provide advice, alerts or take control

$14.1 M

was spent on average per company in 2023 on AI-infused products and services

$20.9 M

is projected to be spent on average per company in 2024-25


of respondents said their most successful AI-infused application generated “strong” or “extremely strong” benefits


of the AI-infused systems leading companies  are building in 2024-25 on average will act on behalf of users

Crucial Practices for AI-Infused Products & Services

The first lesson is that company leaders must think about not if, but when and where they should infuse AI into their products and services. Shown are four other crucial practices to consider:

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