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Delivering Positive Outcomes

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Global Logistics Company First to Market With Innovative Customer-Facing Application

Our client, a global logistics company, needed to introduce a cloud-based customer-facing application to allow customers to view their scheduled trailer requests and submit ad hoc requests in the event of volume spikes. Speed-to-market was essential as none of their competitors had a similar application, so they wanted to be the first to market with it.

to market with customer-facing application
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Product Modernization Drives Increased Revenue for ParkMobile

ParkMobile provides a consumer app for over 20 million users nationwide that makes it simple to find and pay for parking. Their products could not scale as required for future growth plans and the technology team was steeped in “old ways.” Their future architecture required state-of-the-art standards and best-practices.

increase in revenue
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Innovative and Award-winning Consumer Product

This travel insurance company was looking to revolutionize the industry with a completely digital product for a much better customer experience. With a tight timeline Sparq’s product strategy team along with three development teams successfully deployed a brand-new product in three different environments. The work led to the product winning a Webby award, the prestigious award presented annually by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for excellence on the internet.

Place Webby Award in Category
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Rearchitected eCommerce Platform Increases Revenue, Stability and Speed

A leading automotive eCommerce site needed to make major improvements to its online platform to gain more market share. In just eight months, Sparq revamped their outdated architecture and moved from on-premise to the Cloud (AWS). The new site could now be viewed from any device, was more user friendly and visually appealing, and showed a 15% improvement in speed.

Year-over-Year Traffic Increase
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SaaS Company Achieves Better Stability and Scalability is a web-based application that was having stability issues due to an inadequately configured environment. By helping move to AWS Organizations with AWS SSO, Sparq helped reduce impacts from any potential failures while increasing the ability to track spend. The application is now easily able to scale alongside the company’s rapid business growth.

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Our Unique Model Provides Impactful Solutions

U.S.-led, blended onshore/nearshore delivery teams. Committed to creating the highest quality digital products and experiences.

A Better Experience, With Better Outcomes

Our digital product development experts understand U.S. consumer culture, user experience and common business practices. Working with our U.S.-led, blended onshore/nearshore teams means you get the results you want with less friction, better communication, best-in-class talent and proven processes.

Faster Time to Market

We’ve perfected high-velocity delivery through distributed agile best practices, our proactive approach and our ability to quickly respond to changing needs. We get your product to market fast without ever sacrificing quality.

Lower Overall Cost of Engagement

There are many cost factors beyond just an ‘hourly rate’. Our U.S.-led, blended onshore/nearshore model helps eliminate costly time delays, communication confusion and the potential risks that come with moving development work to the opposite side of the world.

ParkMobile’s Praise for Sparq

Sparq Accelerates Your Digital Journey

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product vision, development & launch
Take Your Product from Idea to Execution

Sparq helps you envision your product’s future using a collaborative, outcome-based approach. We combine strategy, design and development to bring products to market quickly and generate lasting value for your business.

platform modernization & cloud enablement
Revitalize for Efficiency, Innovation & Growth

Sparq helps you modernize and migrate your legacy applications making them more scalable and ready for the digital future; enhancing performance, minimizing complexities, tackling technical debt and fostering growth.

data, analytics & ai
Turn Data into a Strategic Asset

Sparq helps you unleash your data’s full potential – from collection and storage to advanced analytics and AI. We can help you leverage your data to automate processes, predict trends, enhance experiences and make informed decisions for digital growth.

product evolution & optimization
Ensure Continuous Improvement & Performance

Sparq takes responsibility for the ongoing improvement, monitoring and support of your products and applications, ensuring their seamless operation and performance.

Teams That Scale With You

Scrum-as-a-Service® is a unique engagement framework for Agile software development that helps clients develop mission critical software with speed, flexibility and efficiency. Our approach provides rapid and flexible deployment of multidisciplinary Agile teams via an elastic consumption model with predictable monthly pricing.

Insights from Sparq
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