Product Vision, Development & Launch

Planning and Developing Successful Products, New Value Streams and Lasting Value for Your Business.

Better Outcomes, Lasting Value

Sparq offers end-to-end support for digital product creation. From vision to launch, our experts collaborate closely, defining features, crafting user-centric experiences, building MVPs and deploying the final product. Backed by industry insights and research, we address market demands and drive differentiation. With a cross-functional team, agile methods and precise coding, we bring your product vision to life for a seamless launch and future growth.

Product Discovery

Sparq adeptly steers businesses through vital product development’s initial phase. We uncover insights, validate ideas and define scope, features, and personas through workshops, research and design thinking. By aligning objectives with customer needs, we refine and validate concepts pre-development, empowering informed decisions for resonating products and a successful launch.

Digital Experience Design

Sparq crafts captivating user experiences across platforms. Our design experts blend user-centric principles with innovation to engage and delight users. From research to prototypes, we ensure every interaction is seamless and meaningful, reflecting your brand while enhancing usability and driving adoption. We empower you to connect deeply with your audience, foster loyalty and achieve business success through exceptional digital experiences.

Software Product Engineering

We transform your innovative ideas into robust software products. With a deep focus on technical excellence and innovation, our engineers collaborate closely to architect, develop and deploy scalable solutions. From concept to execution, we employ cutting-edge tech and agile methodologies for efficiency, integration and improvement. Whether creating new software or enhancing platforms, our team accelerates your time-to-market, enhances user experiences and drives business success.

Featured Case Studies
transportation & logistics
Global Logistics Company First to Market With Innovative Customer-Facing Application

Our client, a global logistics company, needed to introduce a cloud-based customer-facing application to allow customers to view their scheduled trailer requests and submit ad hoc requests in the event of volume spikes. Speed-to-market was essential as none of their competitors had a similar application, so they wanted to be the first to market with it.

  • First to market with an application of this type
  • Gained an edge over competitors as well as a unified and corporate branded customer experience
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Financial Services
Innovative and Award-Winning Digital Product

Our client, a Wisconsin-based financial services provider, was being acquired by a multinational conglomerate, due to the potential of their yet-to-be-launched, digital application. It would revolutionize the travel insurance industry, since at the time, if you wanted to purchase a travel insurance policy or file a claim, you’d have to do it over the phone, or in same cases, by mail.

Our product development team stepped in quickly and started meeting with the executive team to get a thorough understanding of the business goals and start building personas and fleshing out the buying cycle. They ended up developing an innovative, award-winning application with flexible, modern architecture and got it to market on-time, despite the tight timeline.

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Dolex Financial Services Logo
New Financial Services Digital Product Drives Business Expansion

A leading financial services provider specializing in money transfers had traditionally provided its services on a cash only basis through its walk-in retail storefront locations. However, shifting consumer demand and online offerings from competing institutions created the need for an online money-transfer service.

Our team quickly stepped in to help our client bring their online platform to the market. We conducted an assessment of the existing application and code and provided a roadmap for readying the site for an internal soft launch, then completed the necessary enhancements and readied the site for initial launch. Following a successful soft launch, we developed further enhancements required for international operation.

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SaaS - nursery industry
Innovative SaaS Company Modernizes the Nursery Industry

This company sought to build an industry-first, SaaS-based inventory replenishment system that would provide nurseries with advanced analytics and modern data visualization – with an extremely aggressive timeline. We designed an application that was scalable and customized to our client’s exact needs and timeline. We leveraged the most current front-end, API, and Cloud-based technologies to offer a cross-platform application with seamless integrations and intuitive user experience.

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SaaS -construction industry
Improved Speed-to-Market for SaaS Company via Product Modernization

A SaaS company catering to the home construction industry had outdated product architecture that needed to be modernized for quicker product releases. We moved our client’s flagship applications to the Cloud so our team could build and deploy much more quickly, while also introducing Agile methodology to the development process. We then developed a new, modern application utilizing microservices.

As a result we streamlined the time it took to get their products to market, enabling them to generate revenue faster and get their clients the technology they need to revolutionize the home construction industry.

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growth via API integration
SaaS Company Gets Key API Integrations For Growth and Scale

In order to maintain their market-leading position, and continue to grow and scale their core product, a fast-growing SaaS start-up required the development of key API integrations. We quickly stepped in to develop the API integrations needed to tie their core product platform to third-party apps, allowing them to win new business.

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Cloud-Based Food Traceability Application Ensures Food Safety

FoodLogiQ, a SaaS company connecting the world’s food supply chain, needed a new product for leading retail grocers to track and manage numerous suppliers as well as their products, locations, and audit documents. Sparq delivered.

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