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We Help the Makers, Make the World Better

Software Development for the Manufacturing Industry

From spark plugs and generators to steel, adhesives, plastics & polymers our manufacturing clients make the products the world needs. Sparq builds the software that helps power their growth.

Building Better Business Outcomes
Increased Customer Loyalty and Better Reliability for Global Tool Manufacturer’s SaaS Product

Our client had launched a revolutionary jobsite management application that connects sites, people and equipment and helps users manage their tools and streamline equipment workflows. They needed a partner to come in and quickly help them achieve high availability and reliability so that the app could perform at its best.

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Custom Cloud-Based App Reduces Customer Quote Time By Over 90%

A leader in manufactured and modular home construction needed a more efficient way to provide quotes to their customers while communicating with their manufacturing facilities. Our team created a .NET framework application deployed on the AWS platform:

  • Home quote and home order submittals during the weekends went from 0% to 100%
  • And the average time for a retailer to quote a home decreased 90% - from two hours to just ten minutes.
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Streamlined Analytics and Increased Reporting Accuracy

A leading manufacturer of automotive parts wanted to provide real-time sales data that would allow them to make faster decisions in the field. We developed a fully functioning BI tool that provided data and analytics across sales, billing and delivery.

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We Build Great Software

Sparq provides software engineering outsourcing for a variety of manufacturing companies, specializing in multidisciplinary agile teams to build, deploy and support mission critical software.

Product Vision, Development & Launch

Sparq helps you envision your product’s future using a collaborative, outcome-based approach. We combine strategy, design and development to bring products to market quickly and generate lasting value for your business.

Platform Modernization & Cloud Enablement

Sparq helps you modernize and migrate your legacy applications making them more scalable and ready for the digital future; enhancing performance, minimizing complexities, tackling technical debt and fostering growth.

Data, Analytics & AI

Sparq helps you unleash your data’s full potential – from collection and storage to advanced analytics and AI. We can help you leverage your data to automate processes, predict trends, enhance experiences and make informed decisions for digital growth.

Product Evolution & Optimization

Sparq takes responsibility for the ongoing improvement, monitoring and support of your products and applications, ensuring their seamless operation and performance.

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Nov 29, 2022

Removing the Chains of “On-Premise”: Five Steps to Becoming Cloud Ready

Lots of companies have made a significant investment in on-premise facilities for a variety of reasons, so it's understandable to not want to move to the Cloud until it makes financial sense. Here are five steps to get yourself Cloud ready.

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Feb 24, 2021

AWS Tools to Optimize Your Move to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud doesn't have to be difficult. AWS tools, including ECS Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, and CloudFront can help you quickly set up your server, while also ensuring it’s scalable and optimized. Principal Consultant David Sullivan shares some of the AWS tools he’s utilized with clients in their move to the Cloud.

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