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We Help Make Happier, Healthier Patients

Software Development for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Whether it’s improving the quality of care for senior citizens or helping people avoid dangerous drug interactions, Sparq helps healthcare & life sciences clients develop software to create positive patient outcomes.

Driving Positive Patient Outcomes
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TechBio Company Replatforms for Revenue Growth and Lower Costs

Caris, a leading next-generation TechBio company, wanted to replatform Case Manager, an application that creates cases for each tissue sample that the company receives from patient biopsies. It was heavy on data entry with inefficiencies that slowed the case creation process down. Learn how our team replatformed Case Manager to help increase productivity and optimize revenue growth.

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Exceptional Customer Experience Through Platform Modernization

A large Medicare Administrative Contractor’s portal was not meeting the expectations of its customers. A recent customer satisfaction survey that had been sent to the portal’s users came back with a score of 3.6/4.6. Any score below 4 means that our client would lose funding of $400,000 annually from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Learn how our team committed to raising our client’s user satisfaction score so they could regain federal funding.

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Cloud-based Primary Care Physician Tool for Improved Satisfaction Scores

This healthcare company was trying to create a patient/provider communication tool but the project was behind schedule due to frequent mistakes and communication challenges with their previous outsourcer. We stepped in and created a cloud-based primary care physician notification tool that collected clinical data for each specified patient event as well as notified the primary care provider of these events. This resulted in overall improved patient and provider satisfaction scores.

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Integrating Data Between Platforms Post-Acquisition

This healthcare company had two different claims management platforms after an acquisition. This caused redundancies and cost inefficiencies, not to mention end user dissatisfaction. They created a business case for one integrated front end and back end solution to handle all of their transactional business, and needed support in reaching this vision. In our initial project, we standardized and integrated data between the two platforms. This allowed the client to efficiently and effectively manage their claims process and deliver patient care in a more streamlined manner.

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Helping Leading Dental Insurance Provider Cut Costs and Improve Data Integrity

One of the leading dental insurance providers in the country was struggling with data integrity, slowing the claims process down, putting them at risk of government-imposed fines, and making it harder  to process claims correctly. We helped provide extra support by handling all of the member enrollment and data migration tasks. We also provided triage support, handling any help desk tickets and data clean-up.

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We Build Great Software

Sparq provides software engineering outsourcing for a variety of healthcare & life sciences companies, specializing in multidisciplinary agile teams to build, deploy and support mission critical software.

Product Vision, Development & Launch

Sparq helps you envision your product’s future using a collaborative, outcome-based approach. We combine strategy, design and development to bring products to market quickly and generate lasting value for your business.

Platform Modernization & Cloud Enablement

Sparq helps you modernize and migrate your legacy applications making them more scalable and ready for the digital future; enhancing performance, minimizing complexities, tackling technical debt and fostering growth.

Data, Analytics & AI

Sparq helps you unleash your data’s full potential – from collection and storage to advanced analytics and AI. We can help you leverage your data to automate processes, predict trends, enhance experiences and make informed decisions for digital growth.

Product Evolution & Optimization

Sparq takes responsibility for the ongoing improvement, monitoring and support of your products and applications, ensuring their seamless operation and performance.

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