Five Things You’ll Love About Working at Sparq

Embarking on a career in technology can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you find the right company to grow with. At Sparq, we’re proud of the culture we’ve established and are hiring for roles in our development center communities throughout the U.S. Want to find out why you’ll love working here? Check out the top five reasons.

Your ideas drive our innovation

We always look to our colleagues to bring fresh ideas to the table, whether that’s on client projects, suggestions for improving internal processes, or new ways we can give back to our communities. Josh, a colleague from our Mobile Development Center, came up with the idea for RPSOS (RSI Professional Services Orientation Series), our formal training program that teaches colleagues how to work with clients and learn consultative approaches in a professional services environment.

A variety of challenging work

Our team is fortunate to have amazing clients who trust us to guide them as they embark on their digital transformation. This means you’ll get to work with different tech stacks and industries, without having to switch jobs, or deal with the hassles that can come up as an independent contractor. We know that new experiences help you grow as a professional, and we do our best to get you in front of as many different projects as we can.

A career, not just a job

We make an investment in your career from Day 1 with formal career paths, so that you know what you’re working towards, and with dedicated mentorship to help you get there. If you want to grow your career at RSI, we’ve got the tools in place to make it happen.

Learn from talented peers

You’ll have the chance to collaborate with 900 teammates across our ten development centers, in both informal and formal settings. One way we do that is through Tech Tuesdays, which is a popular colleague-led lunch series where you’ll learn hot topics and trends in other practice areas. No one’s expected to know everything, but with such a broad range of specialties among our colleagues, there are always opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Freedom to be yourself

We have a saying that’s often used when we discuss our recruitment philosophy: “we’re not looking for a culture fit, we’re looking for a culture add.” Our colleagues are what drives the amazing culture we have at RSI, so we’re always searching for people who can not only provide great client service, but who can also make sure that we keep evolving, challenge us to think differently, and encourage us to have more fun.

We’re hiring in all of our development centers, including our recently announced centers in Baton Rouge, LA and Buffalo, NY. Head here to check out our job listings.

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