Five Tips To Help You Ace Your Tech Job Interview

The tech industry continues to be an extremely competitive job market. A 2020 report from CompTIA, a non-profit IT trade association, found that there are now 1.6 million software and web developers, the largest and fastest growing category of all tech jobs. So how can you stand out in your next interview? Check out these five tips to help you impress the hiring team.

Do your research

Your interviewers want to know that you want this job, and not that it’s just another option to you. One way to do that is by taking some time to really understand the company’s business model and service offerings. (You’d be surprised at how many people think that Sparq is actually a staffing firm!)  Be able to describe how your desired career path in the tech industry aligns specifically with the company you’re interviewing with. 

Ask insightful questions

We all know that at the end of an interview, you typically have a chance to ask the interviewer questions. Don’t waste an opportunity to show that you’ve really done your research. Check out the company’s news section, or Google their name for any recent press mentions, and create a question or two around what you find.

Showcase your experience… and be honest about it

When you interview for a developer role, you’re going to get asked questions related to your technical capabilities. If you don’t know the answer to a question, be upfront; even better if you take the opportunity to show that it’s something you’d like to learn about in the future. That being said, know how to articulate what you do know in a clear and concise manner, and be prepared to share tech projects that you’ve worked on in the past. You can also share your experiences on tech projects you’ve worked on after hours, too, whether it was for a side business or just for fun!

Don’t forget the basics

COVID-19 forced most tech companies to go completely virtual, meaning your interviews will probably be conducted online. Remember: just because it isn’t in-person, doesn’t mean you should treat it with any less care. Make sure the background around you is clean, log on early to avoid any tech issues, and dress appropriately.

Make sure the company is the right fit for you, too

Most companies tend to have a defined mission statement or set of values that guides them. Take some time to ensure that their values align with yours (and bonus points if you find a way to mention this in your interview!) The interview process is a two-way street, and it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing an organization that aligns with both your personal and career goals.

About the Author

Cherilyn Hickman started her recruiting career in 2011, where she gained experience recruiting across multiple industries. She jumped into the tech scene in 2014 when she joined RSI, where she is now head of the recruiting department. For Cherilyn, there is nothing more fulfilling than helping talented folks find a work home and family.

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