New Brand, New Us
Rural Sourcing is Now Sparq, Igniting a New Era of Innovation

We’re thrilled to announce our company’s new name and brand identity, reflecting our growth and vision for the future.

A Celebration of Our New Brand
Who We Are
Our Look is New, Our Commitment is Steadfast

Over the last 15 years, Rural Sourcing transformed from a small shop in Arkansas into a world-class software powerhouse. We’ve partnered with a wide variety of clients, deepened our industry capabilities and vastly expanded our services – all while maintaining our commitment to creating high-quality IT careers and accelerating the digital transformation of our clients. As we reflected on this evolution, we realized our name no longer accurately represented who we are, so it was time for a change – one that breathes life into the new us, while doubling-down on the commitments and principles that make us who we are.

The Story Behind the Brand

Team and trust are at the center of every successful story— and a spark between colleagues can lead to a spark of a big idea.

It All Starts with a Sparq

A spark provides light and as such, guidance. A spark’s place in the creative process is in the beginning, it’s the inspiration that kicks things off. By representing the initial source of ingenuity, invention and solution, our colleagues set themselves up to deliver a compelling promise—that their team energy can catch fire and alchemize our clients’ digital transformation goals into meaningful, significant success.

The Sparq of an Idea Can Transform Businesses

It doesn’t matter what level a business is operating at – whether a modest department or a complex organization – they’re going to run into challenges, sometimes challenges beyond their capabilities. In the software engineering space, Sparq assembles trusted teams that solve challenges with creativity and rigor. Our teams possess expertise both in the software development process as well as the collaborative process. They know how to work together—with each other and with clients. This combination of skills generates momentum, velocity and success. Partnering with Sparq empowers companies to create great digital products, transform their business, and accelerate success.

What Fuels Sparq

Sparq continues its mission to create high-quality software development careers across America, in places where top-tier talent is often overlooked. We connect trusted teams with businesses who need creative problem solving and digital products and solutions. This allows our colleagues to live in places they love and pursue careers they dream of, while reinvigorating the economies and communities in which they live. By facilitating this quality of life, our clients benefit as well. Their collaborations with our colleagues are enhanced by talent that is bolstered by enthusiasm, engagement, and a zeal for challenging opportunities.