Product Evolution & Optimization

Ensuring continuous innovation, operation and performance

Optimizing for Sustained Success

Sparq takes a holistic approach to enhancing and refining your digital products for sustained success. We take responsibility for the ongoing improvement, monitoring and support of your applications, ensuring their seamless operation and performance. We handle data lifecycles, ensuring quality, integration and availability. Rigorous testing ensures reliability. DevOps and SRE support ensure performance and availability. Plus, we drive additional feature development and deployment as needed.

Application Managed Services

We relieve you of app maintenance, support and enhancements, freeing you to focus on strategic initiatives. Our experts optimize application performance, updates and operations. Proactive monitoring ensures stability, responsiveness and value to your users. With up-to-date, secure apps aligned to evolving needs, your internal resources can focus on driving innovation and growth.

Data Operations & Administration

Our experts ensure your data’s integrity, availability and performance across environments – on-prem, cloud or hybrid. From design to maintenance, we manage all aspects of database administration. Streamlining workflows, integrating data and maintaining governance, we empower data leverage for insights and informed decisions.

DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure Management

Sparq streamlines your software lifecycle and optimizes cloud operations. Our experts integrate development and IT, accelerating deployment. Automation and continuous practices ensure fast, reliable releases. Meanwhile, we manage and optimize cloud for scalability, availability and efficiency. This holistic approach empowers agility, development and a robust cloud environment, fueling business growth and innovation.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Through Site Reliability Engineering, we optimize digital platforms’ performance, availability and resilience. Our proactive, data-driven approach prevents incidents, ensures seamless user experiences and addresses bottlenecks. With precise monitoring and fault-tolerant design, we enable rapid incident response, scaling and continuous improvement, blending technical prowess with strategic planning.

Featured Case Study
Critical Compliance Application Deployed On-Time, Avoiding Lost Revenue

A major US-based airline needed help testing and launching a new application that would ensure FAA requirements compliance for aircraft Extended Operations (ETOPS) flight standards. Not meeting the deadline meant the airline would have to push back the launch of their new routes, therefore leading to lost revenue. Our team partnered to conduct Unit, Business Driven Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD), integration, component and performance tests and ensuring that everything was deployed on time and at the highest quality.

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Flexera company logo
Faster ROI After Corporate Acquisition Through Product Integration

Flexera was looking to quickly and effectively integrate a newly acquired product into the Flexera suite of products. Our team made it happen.

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Consumer Electronics
Leading Streaming OS Provider Positions to be Leading Home OS Provider

Our client, a leader in smart TV operating systems, was looking to introduce a suite of products that would be a natural extension of their business and make them a leader in a second industry. These products would integrate things like home monitoring, custom lighting and smart power at a better value than what had previously been on the market. Our client needed to test their new devices in a broad array of consumer environments and complete end-user testing scenarios quickly in order to meet their tight launch deadline.

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consumer lending
Consumer Lender Cuts Costs and Improves Customer Ratings

The accelerating growth of a leading national consumer lender specializing in the home-improvement industry meant they needed to modernize their processes, while enhancing the user experience for both their borrower and dealer network users.

We developed multiple applications to provide a better experience for their users and resolve many of the compliance challenges they were experiencing. One consumer application gave customers more visibility into their loan, leading to improved customer service scores on sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB). It also saved our client over $3,000,000 annually in postage fees.

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Helping Leading Dental Insurance Provider Cut Costs and Improve Data Integrity

One of the leading dental insurance providers in the country was struggling with data integrity, slowing the claims process down, putting them at risk of government-imposed fines, and making it harder  to process claims correctly. We helped provide extra support by handling all of the member enrollment and data migration tasks. We also provided triage support, handling any help desk tickets and data clean-up.

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3 Step Process to Quality
Jun 8, 2018

A 3 Step Process to Quality

In today’s digitally charged environment, executives leading software development companies consistently walk a tightrope as they balance two very different interpretations of the word, “quality.” Users’ perception of quality focuses on software that meets business requirements, while development teams concentrate on building programs and applications that satisfy product and system requirements. Learn more in this article.

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Apr 5, 2023

Five Signs You’re Not Putting the User First

User experience (UX) is how you communicate with your users through your product. If you’re not putting your users first, you’re setting yourself up to build a product that just isn’t relevant to them. In this article, learn five signs you’re not putting the user first.

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