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Modernizing With Microservices and Containers

What Are Microservices and Containers?

Microservices is an architectural design for building a distributed modern application. Microservices break an application into independent, loosely-coupled, individually deployable services. Containers are a lightweight, efficient and standard way for applications to move between environments and run independently. Everything needed (except for the shared operating system on the server) to run the application is packaged inside the container object: code, run time, system tools, libraries and dependencies.

A microservices framework including microservices and containers creates a massively scalable and distributed system, which avoids the bottlenecks of a central database. It also enables continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for applications and modernizing the technology stack.

This page provides expert tips and insights on how to develop modern applications with microservices and containers. 

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Why Containerization?

By utilizing containerization, you’re able to create isolated environments where your code can run without interference from other system elements. Senior Consultant Joseph Abreu discusses how it works, the types of tasks it’s best suited for, and how it’ll make your code more secure.

Expert Insights

noun-arrow-2025160 copy 2
noun-arrow-2025160 copy 2
Aug 18, 2020

Why Now is the Time to Adopt Kubernetes

Kubernetes (K8s) has developed a very loyal community of users who have come to appreciate its many benefits, which include a high amount of fault tolerance and portability. After working in K8s on multiple client projects, Thomas Smith says there’s never been a better time to develop on this platform. Here’s why.

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Aug 13, 2020

Making Sense of Microservices vs Serverless

Changing your architecture from a monolithic style to one encompassing microservices can have many benefits, but in a time when the tech community is still defining what microservices, serverless and even serverless microservices mean, understanding your options can get confusing. Learn more in this article.

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rebuilding apps with microservices
Oct 23, 2019

Five Keys to Rebuilding Apps with Microservices

The cloud offers IT organizations an opportunity to break down applications into reusable pieces of functionality called microservices that can be combined and recombined in almost endless variations. Learn more about microservices in this article.

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Relevant Microservices and Containerization Case Studies

SaaS -construction industry
Improved Speed-to-Market for SaaS Company via Product Modernization

A SaaS company catering to the home construction industry had outdated product architecture that needed to be modernized for quicker product releases. We moved our client’s flagship applications to the Cloud so our team could build and deploy much more quickly, while also introducing Agile methodology to the development process. We then developed a new, modern application utilizing microservices.

As a result we streamlined the time it took to get their products to market, enabling them to generate revenue faster and get their clients the technology they need to revolutionize the home construction industry.

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online automotive marketplace
Rearchitected Platform for Stability, Security and Speed

A leading automotive marketplace website needed to rearchitect its platform, and sought to move everything to the Cloud. We built a lean and flexible environment for this organization’s platform, that also allows them to optimize third-party solutions by using a vibrant API architecture.

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SaaS - risk management, public safety
Updated Product Architecture Drives Business Scale and Growth

Lexipol’s core product was using outdated technology that was unable to scale. Adding functionality and content to the platform was difficult and time-consuming, which led to significant added cost and created a suboptimal user experience. We modernized their platform resulting in increase in scalability, faster performance and increased customer satifisfaction.

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Brand Safway Company Logo
Global Civil Engineering Company Lowers Costs by Modernizing An Aging Application

Through one of our Scrum-as-a-Service teams, Sparq helped BrandSafway replatform legacy applications that were scheduled to sunset.

  • Captured knowledge transfer to learn the application architecture
  • Took on support tickets
  • Built out user stories
  • Developed, tested and deployed into production
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electric vehicle infrastructure
Video Showcase: AmpedUp!

AmpedUp! is positioned to become a major player in the electric vehicle market through the cutting-edge charging station infrastructure they’ve created.  See how Sparq helped AmpedUp! solve their software development issues in this brief video

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